Frequently Asked Questions

Little Chéngers Meals

Are your meals organic?
Our meals are made from all organic ingredients.
Are your meals fresh?
Each week, we shop, prep, and cook your baby’s meals using the same preparation methods you’d use at home. So skip the planning, shopping, chopping, steaming, slicing, boiling, and baking. We use only the fresh, whole, and organic ingredients and NEVER use preprocessed purees like other baby brands.

Our meals are freshly made and stay good in the fridge for 7 days, 2 months in the freezer and 24 hours once opened.

Are your meals low in sugar?
Absolutely! We don’t add any sugar to our jars, so the sugar content you see is all natural sugar from the fresh fruits and vegetables we use. The actual amount of natural sugar will vary depending on the flavor of the jar, but we strive to keep our sugar to fiber ratio as low as possible.

In the first 2 years of life, your baby’s body is especially sensitive to sugar. Too much sugar during this period dramatically increases their risk of obesity and metabolic issues down the road. Fiber helps slow down the absorption of sugar, which is why we balance our blends with fibrous veggies and proteins.

Are your meals non-gmo?
Yes! All of our produce is sourced from certified organic farms that do not use GMOs.
Are your meals gluten-free/dairy-free?
Yes! All of our meals are completely dairy and gluten free.
Are your meals nut-free?
We know that allergies are scary for both you and your babe so we avoid all nuts currently.
Are your meals vegetarian/vegan?
Yes! All of our meals are vegetarian and vegan-friendly!
What do the different stages mean?
We’ve broken up our meals into different stages based on the texture of the food and the number of ingredients in each. We ensure that each stage has various colors, food groups, vitamins, minerals, and flavors, in order to expose your babe to variety more often.

Our age recommendations for each stage are soft guidelines because, ultimately, we know that every babe is ready for different textures at different times. Some babies progress faster, and other babies take their time.

Stage 1 First Food Singles (6+ months): Thinner single-ingredient purees for first-time eaters. Start your solids journey here!

Stage 2 Graduated Singles (6+ months): Thicker single-ingredient purees.

Stage 3 Duos (7+ months): Two ingredient blends for babies ready to graduate from single ingredients.

Food Safety

What about heavy metals?
Your baby’s safety is our top priority and number one concern, which is why we are diligent about which ingredients we cook with, where we source our ingredients, and how we make your baby’s food.
How do I know this is safe for my babe?
Your baby’s safety is our top priority, in fact, it’s why we created Little Chéngers.  When our founder, Dr. P. , became pregnant with her son Ché, she spent months researching nutrition. She discovered that scientists consider nutrition in the first 1,000 days to be the most important environmental factor in development. Babies’ brains, their senses, their fat cell production, and their proclivity for sweets are all shaped during this time. And yet, despite this overwhelming research, there were no convenient options for parents who wanted freshly made, nutritious, and safe meals for their baby. To that end, we take the quality of our food seriously and we’re obsessive about what we put in our baby food and what we choose to leave out.

Our Preparation  We make and prep our food just as you would. We steam, sauté, roast, and blend our foods. We believe in real food… not mush. No ingredients you can’t pronounce, just freshly made, organic meals delivered to your door.

Our Facility  All of our food is made in an FDA approved and HACCP certified facility. Our chefs are trained and certified in food safety and sanitation and we use the strictest procedures and processes to ensure our food is safe for your baby. We always have a supervisor on staff to make sure that all of our products are produced in accordance with all national and state food safety and sanitation laws and regulations.  


Is anything added to help the meals stay fresh longer?
No. We are proud to say that we do not use any preservatives or fillers. When we say freshly made, we mean it. All meals are freshly made, just as they would be if you made them in your own kitchen.
How does the food stay fresh in transit?
Our meals are shipped in insulated box liners with non-caustic icepak. Our insulation is designed to keep your food fresh for up to 72 hours in transit.
Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes! Our packaging is 100% curbside recyclable. All packaging is completely BPA-free, Pthalate-free and free of harmful toxins. Our insulation is curbside recyclable and our custom ice packs are reusable.
Are Little Chénger jars microwave and dishwasher safe?
Our jars are not microwavable or dishwasher safe. Microwavable safe plastic is not curbside recyclable and we wanted to make it easy for you to dispose of your jars. Please place contents into a heat-safe container before warming in a microwave.

Shipping and Delivery

When do you deliver?
Depending on where you’re located, your box can arrive between Monday – Saturday by 9 pm. We will let you know when your package was shipped, the tracking number, and the expected arrival.
Where is Little Chéngers located?
Our food is made with love in Greensboro, NC
Where do you ship?
We currently ship anywhere in the contiguous United States.
Do you deliver to Hawaii or Alaska?
Unfortunately at this time, we are only able to deliver to the 48 contiguous United States. We are working hard to begin delivery to Hawaii and Alaska soon!


What is the cutoff time for making changes to my order?
We send fresh baby food to you and cook it fresh the week prior to your order. Our cutoff time is 6pm every Saturday.  We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays.
How do I skip a delivery?
Click on “My Account” in our website’s header.  In this dashboard, you will be able to cancel your plan and come back later to resubscribe to the same one you had. This is the same as Pausing your plan.

Just a reminder, first orders and orders that are pending after our Saturday cutoff cannot be cancelled.

I don't want to cancel Little Chéngers, can I pause my plan instead?

You basically have to cancel your subscription, but it will be waiting there for when you come back, and you would just resubscribe to that same one.  This is the same as Skipping a Delivery.

Just a reminder, first orders and orders that are pending after our Saturday cutoff cannot be cancelled.

If you have any questions, please start a chat with us or e-mail us at littlechengers@chengers.com

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